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What is meant by contemporary style?

  • Many like to have an opening "Hero" page and a Footer for links to associates to keep the body of the website clear. of links
  • Website are now mostly accessed on mobile devices.
  • Scrolling is the preferred method of navigation on hand held devices, but also having a conventional menus opened via a hamburger icon
  • It is essential that they are fully responsive and fit in all browsers from large desktops to smart phones. (see below)
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Website fills the browser

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Standard menu Hidden. The side menu is activated by the 'hamburger

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On the Smartphone version converts to a single column

Dynamic Galleries

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Cunning Reveals

Reveal details on demand. Click on a ball to see the colour.
Alternatively the reveal can link to another page for further details Click the Blue Ball for an example

Hover your mouse of the image to reveal its provenance
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Pastel of Wood Blewits by Andrea Bonetti of

Before and after
Hover your mouse over the picture
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This is my header

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Hero Header as seen on opening
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Local Charity
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